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Welcome to News 4 Kids

Children and Children of all ages I welcome you to the newest site just for kids. It features weekly news of pops stars, gossip, parents, Local news and of course much more. This website is made for children and Only children. When your parents tell you to read this is the place to come to. See if you come here it's creative, fun and you don't need to read a long chapter book and it's full of things kids of all ages want to read about!
about this site

Welcome here is my site which I call news for kids you will hear about many things in this site and there are lots of cool articles that  you can read. There will be a poll and diffrent links. So there will be a few things not running right now because I have just started this new site. So browse around and come back weekly to read more kid news.


Why should I come to this site?

Because each week we will have improvements and there will be lots of new jokes and intresting articals to read for children and there will be many funny articals about parents and chores and much more.

Enhancements for this site

I will be adding and extra page which holds all the visitors who come and they get to sign up.  I will also add a poll for the news. It will have a question of what kind of news do you want to hear about mostly on this site and yes, there will be my email address on my site so you can email me and ask questions. The questions sent to me on my email will then be put on this site and be answered for you.

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Wha else can I do?

 Check out my other pages next week and they will inclued a poll, kids NEWS! and much much more!

Captions for pictures and prizes!
Who can come up with the best caption for this picture??? Can you? Send me and email at to tell me your caption whoever wins gets a prize and I will add the caption to our site!

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